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Water Lily

"I first went to see Julie having recently lost my Mum in a very traumatic way. I was having the most horrendous flashbacks and nightmares which were adding to my grief as well as not really functioning due to lack of sleep and anxiety about actually going to sleep. A good friend of mine suggested I look for someone who practiced EMDR as it was recognised as a very effective method of treating trauma.
From the start of the process, bearing in mind I was at my most vulnerable, Julie was amazing. She took her time to listen to my story making me feel heard in a safe space. Still to this day, I don’t really understand how EMDR works, the process was sometimes exhausting, also hugely freeing but most importantly, IT WORKED! I had literally tried everything, talked to numerous professionals to try and get help for the flashbacks and up until this point, nothing had worked. This did.
I can thoroughly recommend Julie and EMDR as I truly believe my healing process could have gone on for years if it wasn’t for Julie’s help and I will be forever grateful."

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